Safety Manual

This manual is provided to members to support their ongoing workplace safety initiatives. In the construction business, safety is of paramount importance. We encourage members to utilize the safety manual, consult with AGC of Tennessee safety professionals and leverage all possible resources in making certain safety is an integral part of every project.


1. Workers' Compensation Website Links

U.S.Occupational Health & Safety Administration
U.S.Occupational Health & Safety Administration - Construction
U.S. Occupational Health & Safety Administration - Construction - By Topic
Tennesse Occupational Health & Safety
Tennessee Drug Free Workplace
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
University of Tennessee Construction Research & Policy Center

2. Workers' Compensation Procedures

What To Do When An Accident Occurs
Flow Chart of Documents and Forms
Employee Return To Work Program Responsibilities
First Day Call Guidelines Form
Claims Communication Diary

3. Employee Responsibility & Disciplinary Procedures

Employee Acknowledgement of Responsibilities
Safety Violation Policy
Employee Return To Work Program Responsibilities

4. Employee Emergency Contact Form

Employee Emergency Contact Form

5. Accident Investigation

Accident Investigation Procedure
Supervisor Accident Statement
Accident Witness Statement
Injured Employee Statement
Accident Investigation Report
Near Miss Report

6. Forms

C-20 First Report of Injury
C-31 Medical Waiver and Consent (English)
C-31 Medical Waiver and Consent (Spanish)
C-41 Wage Statement
C-42 Agreement Between Employer/Employee Choice of Physicians (English)
C-42 Agreement Between Employer/Employee Choice of Physicians (Spanish) 

7. Carlisle Cards

Program Introduction and Description

8. Return To Work

Return To Work Program
Employee Return To Work Program Responsibilities
Work Status Form

9. Crisis Management

Site Specific
Written Crisis Management Plan

10. Waivers of Disability

Heart Disease
Occupational Disease
Tennessee Code Annotated Regarding Waivers

11. Logs

First Aid Log
Near Miss Log
OSHA Form 300, 300A, 301 (C-20 First Report of Injury)
OSHA Record Keeping Instructions
Calculation of Injury Rates

12. Miscellaneous

Notice of Workers' Comp Insurance Posting
FAQ of an Injured Employee

13. Contact List

Brentwood Services
Board of Trustees